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IIJCS:Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2017


Static and dynamic allocation with public auditing scheme in cloud computing
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RM.Iswarya ,T. Nirmal Raj
ABSTRACT Security audit is a feature of important when it comes to cloud service environment and its customer. It’s a certification process that audits the controls that is responsible to deliver the security requirements. These security audits are performed by qualified and trained staffs that belong to an independent external auditing firm. Security must be considered as a standard of security controls. Proper checks must be made to ensure that cloud users have a proper logging and reporting facilities in merge with the customers system thereby ensuring appropriate operational and business flow of data through cloud service system. We propose a auditing system for cloud-based architecture that allows only trusted authority to efficiently store their secret data or file on the semi-trusted cloud service providers, and selectively share their secret data with huge number of data receivers and minimize key management complexity. The proposed system slightly differs from the previous cloud-based data system. Here the data owners can upload their secret data in cloud storage using both static and dynamic auditing scheme. Another specific characteristic of the proposed system is that if any data receiver wants a personal file to be downloaded then a request is sent to the authority from the data receiver. The authority owner will have control over the Access Control. If the Owner of the file wishes to share the original file with the data receiver, then he has to accept the data receiver request. Once the request is accepted, the data receiver can download the original file. This file will be uploaded with time and date and downloading time with date monitor by auditor. In addition de-duplication concept is also included. It helps to check for duplication of file or data to minimize the cloud memory space that is occupied. The files in this system are allocated using dynamic file allocation. Keywords: - Cloud computing, Auditing, File allocation, Deduplication,.
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RM.Iswarya ,T. Nirmal Raj , " Static and dynamic allocation with public auditing scheme in cloud computing" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE(IIJCS) , Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2017 , pp. 031-039 , ISSN 2321-5992.
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