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IIJIT:Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2017


Game-based communication in Network management Systems
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Goering, Hermann
ABSTRACT Network based mostly management Systems (NCSs) ar a lot of and a lot of usually selected in planning distributed management systems because of each economic and sensible reasons. nowadays styles of NCSs ofttimes involve the nonexpensive wireless communication rather than ancient wired links. Such systems ar typically referred to as Wireless device Networks (WSNs) and ar used for several alternative functions further. whereas convenient in installation and management, wireless links ar at risk of noise and not terribly reliable. whereas common approach of information delivery depends on routing (proactive or reactive), this paper presents a special approach to planning wireless NCSs. within the projected approach each node takes associate degree freelance call as a results of a game between the nodes. in contrast to the routing solutions, the nodes neer produce any path, and even dont have any data regarding constellation.
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Goering, Hermann , " Game-based communication in Network management Systems" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IIJIT) , Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2017 , pp. 005-008 , ISSN 2321-5976.
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