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IIJCS:Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2017


An Approach for Managing Knowledge in Digital Forensic Examinations
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Miss. Selpi Chouhan
ABSTRACT Cancelable biometric techniques are becoming popular as they provide the advantages of privacy and security, not provided by biometric authentication system. It transforms a biometric signal or feature into a new signal or feature by some transformation. These are non invertible transforms to make sure that the original biometric template cannot be recovered from them. Most of the existing methods for generating cancelable fingerprint templates need an absolute registration of the image. Therefore they are not robust to intra user variations. But there also exists methods that do not require registration of the image. This paper provides a comparison between two such methods, one that needs registration and other that does not need registration.
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Miss. Selpi Chouhan , " An Approach for Managing Knowledge in Digital Forensic Examinations" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE(IIJCS) , Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2017 , pp. 029-032 , ISSN 2321-5992.
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