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Volume 1, Issue 6 December 2013

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Bit-Level Encryption and Decryption of Images Using Genetic Algorithm: A New Approach
Author: Gamil R. S. Qaid, Sanjay N. Talbar
Abstract: Encryption is one of the popular methods to achieve secret communication between sender and receiver. In current time the security of digital images draws more attention, especially when these digital images are stored in memory or send through the communication networks. Many different image encryption techniques have been proposed to save the security of images. Image encryption techniques try to convert an image to another image that is hard to understand. Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been popular in the encryption image because of its intuitiveness and ease of implementation. This paper proposes a method based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) which is used to produce a new encryption method by exploiting the powerful features of the Crossover and Mutation operations of (GA). It is a new approach of genetic algorithm (GA) with pseudorandom sequence to encrypt image stream. The feature of this approach includes high security and high feasibility for easy integration with digital image transmission applications. The experimental results of the proposed technique confirmed that high throughput rate required for real time data protection was achieved.
A Model for Facial gradient Feature Point Identification
Author: Kushal Maohan
Abstract: An improved active form model is projected during this paper. The projected formula includes the subsequent four aspects. Firstly, this paper is adopts a semi-automatic facial feature points marking tool. Secondly, this paper is proposes to extract second gradient feature on the very best level and also the higher level of multi-resolution pyramid pictures, and use physicist ripple transformation to extract all-time low level’s second texture feature. Thirdly, this paper adopts a replacement methodology of decomposition of multi-resolution pyramid. Pyramid pictures ar got by ripple transformation. Finally, this paper uses associate improved looking theme of multiresolution pyramid. The length of second profile looking parallelogram is modified in line with totally different pyramid levels.
Importance of bandwidth in the Ad Hoc Mobile Network
Author: Hemant Sekhar
Abstract: In this paper, associate approach for spacial reused information measure reservation in impromptu networks is planned. Resource reservation in wireless networks is a necessary part that's required to support multimedia system and period applications, like audio/video conferencing. On the opposite hand, transmitting aerial technology provides the aptitude for substantial increase in spacial utilize, that will increase the potency of communication. In our approach for spacial reused information measure reservation, the supply node tries to get multiple node-disjoint ways that square measure capable of satisfing the required Quality of Service (QoS) demand in impromptu networks victimisation directional antennas. The simulation result are shows the performance of this spacial reused information measure reservation approach. there's a major gain within the performance with a decrease within the range of ways, still as a rise within the share of with success received knowledge packets and reservation success rate.





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