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Volume 2, Issue 1 January 2014

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Optimization Study for Power density, net power production and membrane area Using Pressure Retarded Osmosis
Author: Mudher Sabah, Ahmed F. Atwan, Hameed B. Mahood and Adel Sharif
Abstract: The using of fossil fuels, as a source of energy, associates with emission of greenhouse gases. The reserves of this source will be shrinking with time, while the energy demand will be increased due to development of the world. These are some reasons for the urgent to search for alternative emission-free energy sources which is called renewable energy. The present work aims at computed, theoretically, the power generation, using pressure retarded osmosis pressure, with optimum values of system parameters, hydraulic pressure, draw and feed water, and membrane area. The result indicated that the power density increases with increase of each feed and draw water volumes, and decreases with rise of hydraulic pressure. Also, for specific volumes of water, there is a minimum value of membrane area versus a maximum value of power density.





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