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Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2014

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Author: Manas Kumar1, S. Senthil kumar2 and D. Sarvanan3
Abstract: Sql injection: a recently discovered application vulnerability became a major attack that target the web applications. This vulnerability is widely recognized as the most common source of security vulnerabilities in the web applications. The security of web applications has become increasingly important in the last decades and the main reason for security is from sql injection. Web applications are popular targets of security attacks. One major type of such attacks is SQL injection, where an attacker tries to exploit faulty application code by executing maliciously crafted database queries. The attackers are allowed to obtain unauthorized access to the backend database by submitting the malicious sql query segments to change the intended application generated sql queries because of it. We propose a static analysis approach based on a scalable and precise point-to-point analysis.
Trusted Public Auditing Process for Secure Cloud Storage
Author: K.Adhiyaman, A. Jesudoss, D.Saravanan
Abstract: The cloud server, data storage service to provide managed by the cloud service provider and the cloud user, which has an important storage. Space and computational resources, who has a large amount of data files stored in the cloud: for three different companies has expertise cloud data storage service and cloud capabilities that customers request and is on behalf of the user to assess the reliability of cloud storage service, a trusted third -party auditor . CS for cloud users depending on data storage and management.However, to save computational resources, hoping to keep their data from TPA. It well as periodic storage potentially even brought online the burden of verification on the cloud, does not protect the privacy of users, may resort to their out sourced data to TPA for ensuring the integrity of the storage of the user's data against external auditors. My work with a focus on data storage, cloud computing is in some parts of the first in the privacy -preserving public auditing support. \ In addition, the prevalence of cloud computing, with the predictable increase in the TPA tasks entrusted to the specialists from different users may. Our work is also demanding the local copy of the data and thus reduce the burden entirely without and computation straight forward data define the auditing procedures, auditing to perform TPA allows the use of a public key -based homomorphism the technique of linear authenticator or HLA. HLA with random masking effective auditing process by integrating TPA could our protocol content stored data in the cloud server guarantees that the knowledge learned. The authenticator algebraic properties of the aggregation and the purpose of our design for more batch auditing.





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