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Volume 2, Issue 4 April 2014

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APRIORI algorithm based medical data mining for frequent disease identification
Author: Gitanjali J1, C.Ranichandra2,M.Pounambal3
Abstract: The data mining comprises of analysis of large data from various perspectives and obtaining summary of useful information. The information can be transferred into knowledge regarding future trends and history. Data mining has a very important role in the information technology domain. Huge amounts of complex data is generated by health care sector today. These data includes details about diseases, patients, diagnosis methods, electronic patients details hospitals resources etc,. The data mining methods are very helpful in making medicinal decisions in disease curing. The vast data collected by healthcare industry are not mined and hence information is hidden. And as a result the decision making is not effective. The knowledge discovered can be used by the healthcare administrators for enhancing the service quality. In this paper, a method for identifying frequency of diseases in particular geographical location for a given period of time using Apriori data mining technique based on association rules is proposed.





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