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IIJME:Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018


Wind Catcher and Trans-evaporative Cooling Residential Integration in Arid Region
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Rabuka, Sitiveni
ABSTRACT The wind catcher potential for providing occupants comfort conditions is been investigated under trans-evaporative cooling for two-level simple dwelling in arid region. The wind catcher runs on the reverse chimney concept in which the upper wind is captured (by means of passive or active louvers) and is impregnated with moisture that consequently reducing its temperature and increasing its density. This results in a cold downdraft stream in the tower which is used to the conditioning of the dwelling space. This work uses a high fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of multiple species and two-phase flow to examine the performance of the wind catcher subjected to water injection in the form of mist of 10micron droplet size. The air flow is governed by the none-isothermal Navies-stokes equations which are coupled with energy equation in a conjugated heat transfer in accounting to the inner building walls and the convective conditions for the rest of the building. The water droplet is governed by the discrete phase that also in direct coupling with the continuous phase representing the wind. Flow parameters including velocity, temperature, relative humidity and droplets dispersion are evaluated and their distribution is presented. The setup is tested at different regional conditions manifested in the incoming wind speed, present relative humidity level and temperature sensitivity. Results show that in the average UAE summer conditions (42o C and 50% R. humidity) the role of wind catcher in evaporative cooling was deemed unimportant. However under pre-dehumidification near 25% R. humidity a significant temperature drop of 10 o C and reasonable R. humidity of near 60% can be obtained when integrating wind catcher to isolated dwellings.
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Rabuka, Sitiveni , " Wind Catcher and Trans-evaporative Cooling Residential Integration in Arid Region" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (IIJME) , Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018 , pp. 018-021 , ISSN 2321-6441.
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