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IIJME:Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2018


Smart Child Monitoring System
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ABSTRACT Children safety is being one of the important issues in the world so by considering the increased security risks of children, our work proposes in developing a prototype for monitoring or tracking the children activity inside home. The main purpose of this activity is to find out the whether children are safe or not. The child monitoring system consists of sensors, processors and Global System for mobile communication (GSM) module and receiver module consist of mobile phone device to parents. The sensors acquire the necessary information, transmit the information to the processor, and updates the information in the mobile using GSM module. In this system software hand function and the safe zone function implemented, were software hand function can be kept eye on the child’s daily regular activities and the safety zone function can make parents know children’s position perfectly with the help of message by using some sensors and GSM module. Because of its improvement of low-cost to implement and fast result response, the monitoring system can be utilized as a supplementary in children care and checking. Keywords: ARM Processor, GSM Sim 900a Module, PIR Sensor, Pressure Sensor.
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AVINASH D, PRADEESH M , " Smart Child Monitoring System " , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (IIJME) , Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2018 , pp. 001-006 , ISSN 2321-6441.
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