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IIJM:Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018


Tourism development and impact on the environment in the Region of Attica (Greece)
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Agisilaos Economou, Roido Mitoula
ABSTRACT The Attica region has remarkable natural and cultural resources. In recent decades, many infrastructure projects have also been implemented through Community Framework Programs, which have contributed to improving the quality of life of residents and the development of the area. However, the region faces various economic problems due to the countrys large public debt, but also environmental problems due to the intensity of human activities, which threaten to degrade its natural resources The survey refers to the tourist development of the area and its impact on the environment. In particular, it focuses on infrastructure projects, tourism, hotel potential, cultural and natural environments, at impacts on natural resources and on policies implemented taking into account European Union directives on sustainable development. Statistical data, legislative texts, geographic data and previous surveys were used to carry out the survey. A local sampling was also carried out in municipalities to identify the problems they are facing and the policies they have implemented to address them. The survey has shown that tourism in the Attica region is of great importance for the economic development of the region, especially in recent years, due to the economic problems that exist in the country. Despite the policies that have been implemented, both for development and for the protection of the environment, the measures are not sufficient. New measures both to stimulate the tourism sector and other sectors are necessary. Keywords: Tourism development, impact of the environment, Attica
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Agisilaos Economou, Roido Mitoula , " Tourism development and impact on the environment in the Region of Attica (Greece)" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT(IIJM) , Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018 , pp. 019-025 , ISSN 2321-645X.
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