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IIJIT:Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2019


Personalised Learning-Technology Interface at Secondary Education
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Vetti Giri, M U Paily, Annamaneni Rohith
Abstract : ‘Personalised Learning’ recognises that the quality of learning is shaped by learners’ experiences, characteristics, interests and aspirations. High quality teaching explicitly builds on learner needs – as well as on high expectations and good subject knowledge (Johnson, 2004). While the concept of personalized learning has been around for some time, advances in technology and digital content have placed personalized learning within reach for an increasing number of schools. At this background, in the present study, the investigator studied the practices of teachers pertaining to ‘Personalised Learning – Technology Interface’ through survey method, by employing a tool ‘Technology Mediated Personalised Learning Inventory’ (TMPLI), its Cronbach’s Alpha value is 0.929. Descriptive statistics indicate that 68% of scores of learner profile, personalised learning paths, competency-based learning model, flexible learning environment, college and career readiness lie between the range of 27.03 - 36.75, 28.48 - 37.37, 26.57 – 36.63, 24.53 – 35.29, and 25.33 – 35.21 respectively. Pearson correlation method was employed to find out the correlation between awareness of Personalised learning among teachers and the integration of technology to facilitate Personalised learning, and results shows that correlation is highly significant at 0.01 level. Correlation for each component of Personalised learning are Learner profile - 0.476**, Personal learning paths – 0.283**, Competency based learning – 0.325**, Flexible learning environments – 0.596**, College and career readiness – 0.413**. The data was obtained from teachers of different schools like Kendhriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalas and other CBSE schools. Key words: Personalised Learning, technology, personal learning paths, learner profiles, flexible learning environment.
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Vetti Giri, M U Paily, Annamaneni Rohith , " Personalised Learning-Technology Interface at Secondary Education" , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IIJIT) , Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2019 , pp. 012-019 , ISSN 2321-5976.
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