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IIJME:Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2021


Lifecycle prediction analysis of optimized triple clamp.
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Ashitosh Eknath Gajare, Prof. Dr. Nilesh Alone
In this study, unlike conventional material such as cast iron and steel that are widely used in two wheelers, we are using lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy is used to achieve the weight reduction and reduce the fuel consumption of optimized design vehicles. The suspension parts operate under heavy load conditions so strength and fatigue analyses of the optimized aluminum triple clamp was accomplished by CAE (computer aided engineering) method with using Hypermesh and Ansys software. The boundary load conditions are derived by using mathematical representation. Iterative model Theory was used for optimization and estimation life of aluminum triple clamp part. It is aimed that the optimized bracket part should be at least 15% lighter and similar life span of the conventional steel or cast iron. In the result of study, it is concluded that reducing weight can be achieved and also beneficial in meeting the life cycle requirement. In this, we are going to model a triple clamp bracket in CATIA. Dimensions will be found out through reverse engineering (hand calculation on actual model). Design constraints are listed based on actual working conditions. Further, meshing and analysis is done on HYPERMESH and ANSYS. Optimization is carried out and part is fabricated based on optimum results. Design is tested and results are verified with available data for strength of design.
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Ashitosh Eknath Gajare, Prof. Dr. Nilesh Alone , " Lifecycle prediction analysis of optimized triple clamp." , IPASJ INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (IIJME) , Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2021 , pp. 001-007 , ISSN 2321-6441.
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